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Don Snellgrove grew up in Jacksonville, Florida.  He attended Florida State University in Tallahassee as well as Nova University and Atlantic University, both located in South Florida.   Don majored in music education with a minor in math and earned a Bachelor of Music Education (BMed) degree.  After teaching middle and senior high school in the South Florida public school system, Don opened a local music store while concurrently pursuing an MBA at Atlantic University.

Don Snellgrove


Don loved the music business; his passion and prowess led to a series of successes. While his own store flourished, he developed two Southeastern regional music retail outlets into major music equipment importers and exporters.   With achievement came insight.  During this lucrative period, Don discovered a simple financial secret that would transform his life path: Money provides the power to significantly help others.  Though he’d grown up economically deprived, Don was determined to find a way to use his new wealth to enrich others.

While active in the retail music industry, Don also performed in recording studios as a studio musician for many well-known artists, movie and TV personalities.  The quality of his sound track recordings earned him credits on numerous films.  This valuable production experience, coupled with many key contacts, seeded Don’s thinking with a bold ambition – to someday become a film industry executive producer.

Throughout those busy years in the music business, Don was an avid listener to the celebrated radio commentator Paul Harvey.  During one particular broadcast, Mr. Harvey mentioned the profits to be made in the insurance industry.  Realizing the potential profits could actualize his twin dreams of helping others and producing films, Don seized the opportunity and became an insurance broker.  Aided by his background in business, Don soon duplicated his pattern of previous successes.  Soon he was winning sizeable insurance sales contests. The young man who’d grown up poor was jet setting to faraway exotic destinations. A decade of hefty commissions in the insurance business yielded Don a healthy financial portfolio. But he knew that real worth couldn’t be measured in dollars alone.  Don worked on himself to acquire insights into character and integrity while cultivating a commitment to always provide the best in value and service to his clients. Referrals multiplied; his fortunes grew.

“This is a dangerous, whiplash marketplace in which the tortoises generally outperform the jack rabbits.”

Don Snellgrove

In the early 1990’s, before the digital revolution turned obscure garage start up partners into high profile billionaires, Don learned of the newly-opened Forex currencies market.  Fascinated by the spectacular gains to be made in what had been the exclusive domain of institutional and high net worth investors, Don set out to master the alchemy of turning pips into profits.  But the price of admission to this financial Promised Land was exorbitant.  Mentors were few; tuition was excessive; support was weak; lessons were difficult; mistakes were costly.  Undeterred, Don attended numerous seminars at home and abroad, learning an early version of Forex trading that was largely based on traditional stock market principles.  His foray into the Forex market proved to be painfully expensive.  But Don was determined.  He wouldn’t give up.  If others could learn to reap the great rewards, so could he.

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