Blind Faith

“Blind Faith” tells the story of MIKE CHASTAIN, a handsome high school senior who lost his sight at the age of 8 playing Cowboys and Indians, as he struggles to become the first blind person to play football.  A riveting, inspiring feature, “Blind Faith” shows Mike’s transformation from a self-centered teenager to a giving, forgiving young man and from a lone wolf to a team player.  Mike also becomes a hard-hitting nose guard, earning an honorary membership in the NFL, and learns to play a different, more important game, capturing the heart of the girl who ignites his imagination.

Through his faith and determination, Mike becomes independent – getting around without the aid of a cane or a seeing-eye dog – by merging sights to sounds during the years his vision deteriorates following the accident.  When he completely loses his vision at the end of his junior year, Mike realizes he must find a way to fulfill his dream of joining his high school’s football team. Besides loving every aspect of the gridiron, he misses playing sandlot with his friends.

Putting his faith in God and finally learning to accept the help of his best friend, RAY ROGERS, Mike embarks on a journey that, in the end, provides him with the kind of spiritual vision that easily outshines its physical counterpart.

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